Please see below a list of our most popular Holiday Club themes.

Mix it, Make it, Bake it!

Our mini chefs will take on a mixture of exciting cooking challenges, learning tricks of the trade and cooking up a storm in our kitchens. Taking inspirations from Junior Masterchef and The Great British Bake Off, the group have made everything from cupcakes to pasta bake and from edible art to sweet treats. Get the whisk at the ready for this culinary explosion.

Mad labs!

Calling all junior scientist, this week is full of mess and mayhem as we create our very own explosions, make slime and drink lemonade. The week is full of experiments that are specifically designed for children that will have the group excited by science, we have made ice cream in a bag, made film canisters explode and turned milk into stone.

Star Academy!

Children work towards a performance by learning dance routines, role play, and songs from musicals and films! At the end of the week, friends and family will be invited to watch the show which will be approximately 45 minutes long. This course is open to children of all interests as there are many speaking, non-speaking, dancing roles as well as backstage parts e.g. music, lighting, stage assistants, costume design and making props and scenery. Previous shows include; Frozen!, Oliver, Annie, 101 Dalmatians, Hairspray and The Lion King!

Get Up, Get Active!

This is an exciting week full of sport themed activities. Activities offered on this course are: Football, Cricket, Tag Rugby, Multi-Sports, Dodgeball, Athletics, Team Games, Hockey, Rounders, Basketball, Cheerleading, Hip Hop, Street Dance, Modern, Acrobat, Zumba and Gymnastics! We will be hosting mini tournaments, team games and a mini Olympics. We also look into healthy eating, sports quizzes, and lots of fun games.

Soccer School!

This week will be based purely around Football skills, drills, Football Freestyle moves and tricks and matches! Children will learn the ins and outs of the football world from fully trained, experienced and qualified FA Football Coaches.

Survival of the fittest!

The children will be put into groups to undertake tasks and activities which will test them on teamwork, coordination and hard work. This week is full of exciting challenges such as den building, ration cooking and scavenger hunts.

Spy and Detectives!

A new exciting theme where children will be exploring what it is like to be a Spy and a Detective. Throughout the week, a range of activities will be taking place, such as murder mystery, crack the code, questions and clues, making spy equipment and gadgets, spy and detective drama and dance games and many more. This week offers the chance for children to use their imaginations as well as exploring their talents.

Find Your Talent!

Children will be trying out every activity from our wide range offered: from languages to drama, dance to gymnastics, football to dodgeball and cooking to crafts. At the end of the week, there will be an awards ceremony where children will be presented their certificate to prove that they found their talent.

It’s A Knockout!

Children will be taking part in a week full of fun and exciting team challenges and team games and will be battling it out through the week to win the ‘It’s A Knockout’ prize. Challenges will include water games, obstacle courses, treasure hunts, sports games and many more! This week is very messy with silly and laugh out loud challenge and all about having fun.

The Great Outdoors!

This week gives children the opportunity to discover and love the Great Outdoors! They will become nature detectives searching for insects and wildlife, explore the surroundings and searching for tree spirits. They will also go orienteering, go on scavenger and treasure hunts, and create art projects using all the interesting things they will find. We will also do some outdoor cookery and much, much more!

Passion for Invention!

Children will go on a voyage of discovery looking deep within themselves for the latest and greatest invention! They will develop their creative side as they figure out how to design and build different gadgets. Tasks will be set throughout the week which will be focused on the purpose of the invention. The children will learn new skills and build confidence as they will pitch their product and work to the ClubsComplete’s Dragons! They need to show their passion for them to complete their quest in becoming ClubsComplete’s most inventive and successful entrepreneur.

Best of British!

This week will involve of all things British! The children will spend the day in the life of The Queen, cook classic British dishes, build famous landmarks and make flags, take part in Boat races, play British sports and recreate great sporting events, role play and dance and other wonderful things the British like to do!

Time Machine!

Children will travel through time to historical eras to learn and re live what happened back then! The time machine will be constructed and programmed by the children to take them to a different destination every day! The children will spend a day with the dinosaurs, going on a survival trek through ‘Dinotopia’ on the search for bones and fossils, learning dinosaur facts and making dinosaur masks. They will then travel back to the Victorians where students will be welcomed into Victorian England and dress up like a Victorian child! They will learn how children their age had to go to work, and explore and play with the games and toys they would play with back then! The time machine has endless destinations but where the ClubsComplete staff will programme it to is a mystery!

Wizards and Witches!

A new exciting theme where children will be exploring what it is like to be Wizards and Witches. Activities will include wand making, learning some magic, potion making, Quidditch, Harry Potter drama scenes, dancing to magical music and many more. This week offers the chance for children to learn all about Magic through a wide variety of resources.

Jungle Explorers!

During this themed week, the children will be taking a walk on the wild side with the ClubsComplete staff to explore the Jungle! The children will take part in various activities including, maze building, safari hunts, mask making, arts and crafts and more!

Pirates and Princesses Week!

Throughout the week the children will be looking at what it is like to be a pirate or princess; taking part in various team building games, drama and dance, sports, making and creating things and lots more fun activities – all will have a pirate and princesses theme!

Challenge Your Limits!

The key to this activity course is team work. Children will be put into mixed age teams and will remain in the same team for the duration of the course. Children will be presented with a variety of different challenges e.g. Water Games, Music Quizzes, Bottle rockets, What’s inside the box?, Treasure hunts, Parachute challenges and more! A very unique and original course in which a winning team will be presented with prizes at the end of each day and also one final team will win at the end of the week. Great fun and very stimulating for the children!

Around the World!

Children will get the opportunity to explore 5 different countries (a different country each day) through arts and crafts, games, dance, quizzes, cooking, languages, drama and more! This course is great to help the children learn and understand other people’s cultures and beliefs in an extremely fun and exciting way!

Our Mini Holiday!

This course is a fantastic alternative to a Summer Holiday away! Children will participate in a wide range of fantastic holiday activities e.g. mini golf, bouncy castles, mini disco, party games, dance, graffiti art, splatter painting, face paints, treasure hunts, hook a duck, pamper sessions (girls only), penalty shoot outs, sports day activities and more! The focus this week is on relaxing and having fun!

Pick ‘n’ mix!

Children will get the opportunity every hour to choose between an indoor and outdoor activity for example Spanish Vs Football could be the choice one hour, and the next hour could be Arts and Crafts Vs Athletics!

Fairground Week!

A fun filled week where children create their own Fairground which they are invited to attend in fancy dress, and for friends and family to come and enjoy at the end of the week! The children will be making their own stalls such as; candy floss and popcorn machines, tin-can alley, Hook a duck, Pin the nose on the clown, Ball in a bucket, and Play your cards right. They will also be learning country and line dancing, how to use Poi’s, Gymnastics and Acrobatics, Circus Skills, Miming and Clowns, plate spinning and juggling all for the parade for the fairground guests. Children will also be taking part in activities throughout the week such as Penalty Shoot Out, Making a Chinese Dragon, Inflatable darts, Apple bobbing, Karaoke and Guess where the treasure is.

Get Creative!

This course is based on Arts and Crafts. Children will be attempting a range of different projects both individually and in teams throughout the duration of the course. There will be various topics and projects for children to choose from including ‘under the sea’, ‘in the jungle’, origami, blow painting, splatter painting, poster making and more!