PPA Cover

We work in partnership with Primary PPA Cover Ltd (our sister company) and are therefore able to offer an array of subjects to cater for your school’s PPA provision needs. Please visit www.primaryppacover.com to find out more.

PPA Cover
Supporting schools with PPA provision

Supporting schools with PPA provision

Primary PPA Cover are based in the same offices as us, and therefore our communication is second-to-none and we also share the same company values:


We offer packages whereby, if you book a lunchtime or after school club with us, we can reduce the price significantly if you book your PPA Cover through Primary PPA Cover. Likewise, if you already have Primary PPA Cover deliver your PPA provision, we are able to provide an after school club for just £40 (instead of £52).

Background Shape Additional staff cover

Additional staff cover

Primary PPA Cover also offers supply cover and offer a Flexi-cover package to support your school's needs.

Background Shape Cost effective package

Cost effective package

Using ourselves and Primary PPA Cover is the most cost-effective way of covering your PPA and extra-curricular needs: we are confident that we can price match any other providers for exactly the same level of service.

Background Shape Extensive support across the board

Extensive support across the board

Mentoring, upskilling and CPD training in a wide variety of subjects.

Primary PPA Cover over PPA, mentoring, upskilling and CPD training in the following subjects:



  • LinguaLearn
  • Perform&Learn
  • ComputeCode
  • PhysicaLearn
  • Learn4Life
  • MoveWithMaths
  • Draw&Learn
  • LeapIntoLiteracy
  • SpiritMind&Body
  • BoostwithPPA

Enquire about our PPA Cover

Contact our friendly team of childcare experts at HQ using the below details. We are open 9 am-4 pm Monday to Friday for your queries.

UK - 01530 412750
Mobile - 07377 137309


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