About ClubsComplete

At ClubsComplete™, our passion is everything extra-curricular! We provide high quality childcare and educational services to primary schools and families in the UK, Spain and the Middle East. In the UK, our coverage is nationwide!

For families, we provide a wide range of opportunities for children and young people to have fun, socialise and learn something new in a familiar and friendly environment such as a local village hall or leisure centre. Over the years, ClubsComplete™ has been recognised for its ability to open a world of opportunities to children and young people – always ensuring that our staff strive to enhance each child’s unique talent as we believe that each child is talented in their own individual way. We pride ourselves as the most recommended activity provider by word-of-mouth, meaning that we are both the parent and the child’s choice of care.

We have an entire package that we place in English public and private schools and International schools in order to provide a hassle-free experience for school staff and to re-brand and improve their extra-curricular offering which in turn boosts admissions and parent satisfaction. As we understand that schools are extremely busy, we take care of everything for them by contracting and paying the staff, providing uniform, equipment*, and promotional letters for parents.

About ClubsComplete

Our HQ

The ClubsComplete™ story

January 2007

ClubsComplete™ opened its doors!

October 2009

ClubsComplete™ rented its first office.

March 2013

ClubsComplete™ opened in Spain (Xarblanca).

September 2013

ClubsComplete™ opened into various counties throughout the UK.

July 2014

ClubsComplete™ opened at Laude in Spain.

August 2017

ClubsComplete™ launched its Gymnastics memberships.

October 2017

ClubsComplete™ received our first Ofsted certificates.

November 2017

ClubsComplete™ won the Young Entrepreneur of the year award!

April 2018

ClubsComplete™ were awarded a place on the Entrepreneurial Spark programme.

May 2018

ClubsComplete™ moved into our own building.

September 2018

ClubsComplete™ received a ‘GOOD’ at Ashby Willesley and started implementing a Franchising process.

November 2018

ClubsComplete™ was a finalist for the Spirit Entrepreneur of the year award.

March 2019

Amelia Gillespie became a Shareholder of the company.

June 2019

Kerry and Stacey started the Build On project.

July 2019

Amelia was announced as a finalist in the Scale-up of the year award.

July 2020

ClubsComplete™ ran our first camp at The British School of Malaga.

January 2021

The ClubsComplete™ Recreational Playground LLC Dubai was launched.

June 2021

ClubsComplete™ SL España was launched.

July 2021

ClubsComplete™ completed 5 overseas clubs in Spain and the first camps in Bahrain and Dubai.

July 2022

ClubsComplete launched the new website which enabled parents to book clubs up to 3 hours before the club takes place

August 2023

ClubsComplete launched the membership packages

October 2023

ClubsComplete built a school in Nicaragua for underprivileged children

Careers at ClubsComplete

We are always on the hunt for enthusiastic and hard-working individuals who have a passion for everything child-related! We have two types of vacancies: those at HQ and those working out in the field with our schools and the children directly. What we love most about our Head Office team is that we are all either parents or have worked with children directly so we can look at everything with our parents and children at the heart of all of our services. At HQ we have a lovely like-minded family who care about each and every child. If you are new to ClubsComplete, one of our friendly team is always at the end of the phone to discuss your all-important questions - leaving your child with any new practitioner is always daunting! Roles include Operations, Recruitment Consultants, Deputy Managers, Administrators, Booking Officers, Staff Liaison, Customer Service and many more. If you are interested in working with children, want flexible hours and 50% discount for your own childcare, working in our schools may be the right role for you! Email recruitment@clubscomplete.co.uk with your CV today if you are interested in working for us.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to pay in advance?

Yes, all clubs need to be booked through our website and are payable in advance. You are also able to pay with childcare vouchers and tax-free childcare at our Ofsted Registered sites.

Do I still need to pay if my child is ill or something comes up?

Yes, all of our clubs are planned in advance and we budget for equipment and food for each individual child. For most of our venues we also have to pay a rental fee per child space so unfortunately we cannot refund. Please click here to see our terms and conditions.

If my child doesnt enjoy the club and I have booked multiple sessions can I get a refund ?

Unfortunately not. We advise all parents to book a few sessions first to allow their child to settle-in and try out our clubs. Once the sessions have been booked, we purchase equipment and food for each child and hire staff for the average number on sessions. Please click here to see our refund policy on our policy page.

My child has a food intolerance/food allergy, how far in advance do I need to book?

Please notify us of any intolerance/allergies your child may have when booking your child in on your account, as a minimum this will need to be one week in advance. This will notify all staff and provide us time to cater for your child's intolerance or food allergy. If your child is not booked one week in advance of the session happening, you may send your child in for that week with their own packed food in accordance to their intolerance/allergy then we will cater for your child's for future sessions.

What would my child need to bring with them?

Your child will need to bring a drinks bottle with them filled with water. They will also need to wear weather appropriate clothing according to the weather/ season. For example in summer, sun cream needs to be already applied before attending clubs and a bottle in their bag so they are able to re-apply when needed and suitable footwear with no flip-flops, a sun-hat and shorts/T-shirt. In winter a waterproof warm coat, hat, gloves, scarf and weatherproof footwear.
For holiday clubs, all children must bring a snack and packed lunch and plenty to drink. If your child is 5 or under, we advise a change of clothing.

Is there a uniform my child needs to wear?

No, there isn't a specific uniform that your child needs to wear, However we encourage all children to wear ClubsComplete T-Shirts which can be purchased from us, so children are easily identifiable and to promote inclusivity and not to get their own clothes messy. Click here to purchase yours now.

How far in advance do I need to book?

All of our clubs operate on a first come first served basis, once a club is sold out there will be no space to book your child on due to Ofsted square footage per child regulations. The clubs can be booked in advance online up to 3 hours prior to the club's running, you are able to book until 12pm on the day of an after-school club. Emergency bookings required after this time will need to be booked over the phone with a member of our office staff and this will incur an extra £5 admin charge as well as the cost of the club. We also accept childcare vouchers and 20% tax-free childcare.

Can I use tax-free child care?

Yes, you can use 20% tax-free child care at our Ofsted registered clubs and up to the age of 12 years. Click here to register for this service.

Are all of your clubs Ofsted registered?

We are only Ofsted registered for certain settings due to the services we run at those school sites. We are not Ofsted registered for our other sites as we are exempt from the compulsory register, we are classed as an Activity Provider as opposed to a Childcare Service Provider. Furthermore, we provide a different activity every hour and all activities are adult-led rather than offering free play for several hours of the day. We encourage children to excel in the specific activities that are offered on the course that they are participating in.

Is there a First Aider on site?

Yes, all of our sites have a paediatric first-aider on-site and all staff have relevant training including safeguarding, food hygiene and prevent, they regularly have refresher training on all courses and knowledge maintained through completing courses regularly.

What if I am not available to collect my child?

You can set up a password on your account which your nominated person collecting will need to provide this password to our staff at your child’s school. Our staff will not allow your child to leave unless the password is provided.

How will my child get to the club on site after school finishes?

This is specific to each individual school and is an arrangement between school staff and ClubsComplete and is not something parents need to worry about, if your child is on our register, they will be collected and be marked as arrived once in club. Most schools assign ClubsComplete staff a meeting point and younger children are brought to the staff member by a TA or the Class Teacher. Most KS2 children are given the responsibility of getting themselves to the club.
ClubsComplete staff will collect the children from their classrooms if the school specifies this.

If I haven't booked can I just turn up?

No, all clubs need to be booked in advance. However, in case of an emergency you will need to call the office number and speak to a member of staff if there is space available at your club a member of the office staff will be able to book your child on however this will also incur a £5 admin fee for any clubs booked after 12pm.

Are there free HAF funding spaces?

We apply for HAF funding every time when it is released, we may or may not be accepted depending on what local authority it falls under. If there is HAF funding available, these will always be advertised on leaflets and any material promoting the clubs.

How do I be kept informed of dates of our clubs and when they run?

Click here to sign up to our newsletter, all offers and updated clubs in your area are shared via the newsletter.

Do you offer sibling discounts?

No, 90% of our customers have two children, and we try to remain as competitive with price as possible and the only way this is possible is by not having a sibling discount.

Do you have an option to pay direct debit?

Yes, this is available with our memberships. If you use our clubs regularly all year round, a membership would be a great option for you, please visit our membership page for more information or call our office.

Are your staff DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) checked and qualified?

All ClubsComplete members of staff have enhanced DBS disclosures and have been trained in safeguarding, child protection and behaviour management. There will always be at least one first-aider on each site at all times. All staff are experienced in working with children and young people, are qualified in their specific subject areas, and normally teach in curriculum time or provide extra-curricular activities during term time. All staff will have undertaken our ClubsComplete staff training course so are completely aware of all of our policies and procedures. We continuously assess our staff and have a strong commitment to improving our performance.

What if my child requires medication whilst at the club?

We are only able to accept and administer prescribed medication. If your child is likely to require prescribed medication of any sort throughout the day, please notify our head office on 01530 412750 and also inform the club leader on arrival, who will complete the necessary paperwork. All medication should be handed to the club leader and must be in its original packaging with the prescription label.

What happens if I need to cancel a booked session?

If you do need to cancel any pre-booked sessions please log-in to your account and cancel the session so that the registers are changed automatically. ClubsComplete has a strict no refunds, credit or transfer policy once services have been booked and payment has been processed due to staffing ratios when working with children. Should your circumstances change you must inform us you wish to cancel your booking to adhere to our safeguarding policy and procedures.

What is the booking deadline for holiday club sessions?

Although we can take holiday club bookings on the morning of the required club (subject to availability) we would ask that you provide as much notice as possible to ensure we have up to date club registers for our staff and the correct staff ratios in place.

What times do the holiday clubs run?

All of our holiday courses for children run from 9.00am-3.30pm for 5 – 12-year-olds and – 9.00am–12.30pm for 3 – 4-year-olds. We do offer some extended hours but this is site specific and 3-4 year olds can only attend the aforementioned sessions.

Do you have any special discounts if I book the entire summer for my three children?

We offer yearly memberships that are released every January that provide you with amazing discounts that are split throughout the year! You can save up to 20% on all of our clubs using this special discounted membership.

My 3 and 4 year old are only attending for a half-day session, will they need to bring a packed lunch?

Yes, lunch time at our holiday clubs is 12.00pm and the children and staff eat their lunch together.

Why can’t my 3 or 4 year old attend for a full day?

This is due to Ofsted regulations. They stipulate that 3 and 4 year olds can only attend an Activity Provider Club for a maximum of 3½ hours.

How can I book a place for my child at your clubs?

Bookings can be made online by clicking “Book a club” (top right).

Can I use my Childcare Vouchers to pay for the holiday clubs, breakfast or after school clubs?

Yes if our setting is Ofsted registered. We cannot accept Childcare Vouchers at other settings as we are an Activity Provider and not a Childcare Service Provider.

Where are your clubs?

We have clubs all over the country. Use our club search bar on the website using your postcode to see if clubs are at your school.

How do I know if my club is Ofsted Registered?

On our after school club page, there is a clubs setting chart. If your school is Ofsted registered, your club's contact number and Ofsted number will be within this chart.

What will my child eat at breakfast club?

We provide a nutritious variety of breakfast options i.e a range of cereal, toast, milk and juices.

What will my child do at after school club?

At our after school clubs, your child will take part in a themed activity for one hour and learn lots of new skills, test their limits and develop their skills and abilities. At our explore clubs, they will enjoy a variety of station areas and games. They will also enjoy a nutritious meal during their time in club.

What will my child do at holiday clubs?

At our holiday clubs, we run lots of different themes in which your child will develop their skills, abilities and interests with in our clubs. We have holiday clubs at different venues and which all have different themes that run over different days. You can book different days at different venues to get the full experience of ClubsComplete.