Terms & Conditions

All parents are able to book ClubsComplete™ via our purpose-built system ‘MyClub’. Once you have made a booking you can amend or cancel this booking within 24 hours at which point a credit for the session will be automatically made to your account. Once 24 hours have passed since the date you booked the clubs, you must give 4 weeks’ notice to be able to get a credit for the sessions to your account. To do this, please email creditcontrol@clubscomplete.co.uk and your credit will be allocated to your account free of charge if this is for 2 sessions or less. If you require a multiple session cancellation (more than 2 sessions) you will be able to receive a credit for the booking if there are 4 weeks before the club starts, however you will need to pay a £5 administration fee in order for us to cancel the various sessions as. If there are not 4 weeks between the date you decide you need to cancel, and the date that the session is due to happen. 

 Time limits for bookings: You are able to book any clubs of your choice up to three hours before the club commences. At the cut-off point of three hours before any club starts, the website will automatically prohibit you from booking the club so that we can allocate substantial staff-to-children ratios – if it is an emergency, and you require childcare, you may call the office to see if there are remaining spaces available but a £5 administration fee will be charged for your booking for our staff member to make the last-minute booking for you as it is quite a lengthy process to log in and override the system. 
If you do not make the bookings via your online account and prefer to call our office, we are able to take the booking, but all transactions are subject to a £5 administration charge.
If you have a change in circumstances or your child is poorly, we ask that you log into your account and cancel their space, so our staff know not to expect them and let the school know  – this will prevent your child from being taken to the club area by their teacher/ club leader and will ensure your child is ready to be picked up at home time so as not to cause you any delays. Unfortunately, you will not receive a credit or refund in this circumstance as we have to allocate staff and purchase food and equipment ahead of the day arriving, so our costs have already been made.

Should your child have any dietary requirements, or allergies, and are attending a catered club – you will need to book these clubs a minimum of 1 week in advance so that we are able to provide suitable alternatives for your child (food shopping is ordered from central suppliers on a week in advance). Should you not be able to book prior to 1 week before the club is due to start, your child can attend, but you must send them with food provided by yourself. 

If your child has Special Educational Needs, Medical or Behavioural Needs, you must call or email our office to let us know you are thinking of booking the child in for a trial session (this will be done online on your account) to see if the setting is able to cater for your child’s needs which will depend on a multitude of factors including but not limited to: lone working, staff ratios, behaviour of the group of children attending the club, the layout and venue offered to us by the school. You will then be informed if the club is able to cater for your child’s needs once they have attended a one-off session. If you do not inform the company that you are booking your child into a session and they have separate needs to be catered for, particularly if they have extra support during the school day, it is possible that your child may not be able to attend club and you may be called to arrange for your child to be picked up from school. We will of course reimburse any charges for any sessions in the rare instance we are unable to cater to a particular child’s needs. The parent must facilitate access to the sharing of any care plans if children with SEND are accepted to attend a club. As stated abovem children with additional needs are welcome to attend a trial session to see if our staff can cater for their needs without disrupting the delivery of the core activity provided that a consultation with the parent/school SENDCO is arranged and a copy of their care plan is shared with us. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that all children with additional needs can attend our clubs depending on factors mentioned above.  If a child attends and we cannot cater for their needs without extra support, the parent and school will be advised immediately and offered three options: to attend with a parent/carer, privately fund an extra staff member to support their child or apply for local authority inclusion funding if it is available in the area. If a child has 1:1 support during the school day, it is very unlikely we will be able to cater for their needs, and we cannot be held responsible for the provision of a 1:1 support worker due to financial unavailability.

Please note – if your child is NOT booked onto club and turns up to club, and you are unable to pick up – your child will only be accepted if we have appropriate staffing ratios to allow the child to attend and the child has been before so we have their details on roll in the event of an Ofsted inspection. You will then be invoiced for the club and the invoice is due that same day, you invoice will also include a £5.00 administration fee.