Breakfast Clubs for Schools

Having a breakfast club at your school really can enhance your extra-curricular provision. Breakfast Clubs are not only convenient for parents to get to work on time; they have so many more advantages that you should be aware of:

  • Great opportunity for children to make new friends
  • Children can enjoy their breakfast in a safe and familiar environment
  • Children develop their negotiation, team-building and problem solving skills through ClubsComplete Breakfast Clubs.
  • At ClubsComplete Breakfast Clubs, a variety of games and activities are played which stimulate the child’s brain from an earlier hour which prepares them perfectly for the day ahead (breakfast clubs have been proven to increase child’s academic performance across the curriculum)

At ClubsComplete Breakfast Clubs, children will be provided with a nutritional breakfast which normally consists of cereals or toast and a drink. Our clubs truly help children to recognise just how important eating breakfast is and how it can enhance their academic performance throughout the day. Getting into the habit of eating a healthy, nutritional breakfast and playing, problem solving and team building early in the morning is essential for children as they grow up and we find this habit really does stick with them for life.

“Breakfast clubs have a positive impact on children’s behaviour, punctuality and attendance rates at school. They also increase concentration levels throughout the day and engage children in making healthier choices in their diet as well as improving social interaction skills between pupils.” Department for Education

Breakfast clubs can be paid for by each individual parent, prices from £4.00* per child (when club is parent funded) or from £30.00* (set fee if funded through School Funds).

Minimum numbers apply when club is parent funded.

*Prices depend on length of club, and number of participants.

“When I come to ClubsComplete it makes me feel happy. The staff are very polite and make me feel welcome, at ClubsComplete I feel safe. Sometimes we get to go in the hall and play games like Dodgeball, Quarterball and others. If we haven’t had breakfast don’t worry, you can have some here: blackcurrant and orange juice, oats and a variety of cereal.” Year 6 pupil, Ashby Willesley School