This is an important document and must be read and understood before proceeding with your booking. Before participating in clubs of higher risk with movement and activities such as Gymnastics, Bike/Scooter club, Hip Hop, Trampolining, and clubs that are held at Inflatable parks,, all parents must understand and agree to the terms and conditions within this document. Some of these clubs require the use of protective equipment such as crash mats, knee pads, helmets etc. All participants are under the age of 18 and require this waiver to be agreed by a parent/ guardian in order to participate in the activities outlined above.

I am the parent/guardian of the child taking part in the activities booked. I consent to allow my child to participate in activity clubs of this nature which may require protective equipment, be physically demanding, involve speed and/or unpredictable surfaces, furthermore, I acknowledge the risk on their behalf. I certify that my child has no pre-existing medical conditions which could, through specific participation in the aforementioned activities, result in injury to them or damage to their health. I acknowledge that if I provide equipment (i.e. scooter/ protective equipment) these will be in safe working order for my child to use within the club and accept any injuries my child may occur if the safety measures of the equipment provided are not met, it is my responsibility to ensure that any equipment provided is checked prior to being used in club and is in working order, checking bolts and for any loose fittings and general wear and tear.

I understand that ClubsComplete does not pre-assess the abilities of an individual child to participate in these activities so I understand that I must make their own assessment of whether the activities are suitable for my child prior to booking.

I understand that these activities require my child to focus on the surrounding environment, to respond and follow the clear instructions set out by the club’s leads and assistants. I understand that these activities can be dangerous and there is a risk of personal injury when undertaking such activities. If injury should occur in regard to my child not following instructions, rules and safety measures, I acknowledge that ClubsComplete is not liable for these injuries and failure from my child to listen and respond to safety briefs or instructions may result in my child not being permitted to attend the club.

I understand that my child’s participation in the activities outlined in this waiver can result in personal injury including, but not limited to, friction burns (from gym mats), cuts, abrasions, bruising, muscle strains, twists, sprains, dislocation, broken bones and accept that these injuries can occur through general use of the equipment and not necessarily as a result of defective equipment or negligence of the Company.

In the unlikely event of an accident, I acknowledge that the Company will not be liable for any direct or indirect loss, damage or injury arising from or in connection with the activities outlined within this waiver, and I waive all and any claims against the Company in this respect.

Once signed, this waiver is valid for the course of the club that I am booking, and I acknowledge that I will need to read and accept the waiver again on the next course of the clubs that I book.

I have read and understand the above and accept the terms of my child’s participation freely and voluntarily without any inducement prior to submitting this waiver.